WSO Concert with Zubin Metha

12/12/2016 Debby Wang 0 Comments

The Christmas season is approaching, there are lots of events and concerts. Lately, our university had an orchestral project cooperate with the famous conductor Zubin Metha. 
The program we played was Schubert Symphony No.3, Webern six pieces for orchestra and Dvorak Symphony No.7. My part was little, I only played tamtam in Webern piece. Even the duration of the piece was more or less about 13 minutes, however, it was definitely not an easy piece.
 We have also the honor to play in Musikverein. The first rehearsal was taken place in Gläserner Saal, it was a Hall full with gold boards, I was amazed from the first sight.
Beside the beautiful rehearsal and concert hall, I realized my fake tattoo go with this gold triangle and the red instrument rack.
I am not a specialist of conducting, but after all rehearsals I noticed Zubin Metha was a good listener.He studied every pieces very well, he didn't even need to look to the scores. Beside that, he was a funny person.
To be honest, we didn't play well, we have played way more better at the rehearsals, but I believed everyone of us learned something from this project. It was a nice experience after all.

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Body Canvas

12/04/2016 Debby Wang 0 Comments

It has been a while, since last time I updated my blog. I thought it would be a good idea to write about my "physical canvas". Today I would like to introduce my art works, temporary tattoo. These fake tattoos are all drawn by myself. 
lately I am obsessed with body art, tattoo. However, since tattoo is permanent, I wouldn't like to have a permanent regretness in the future. I personally have a real tattoo on my back neck and I had pondered over one years before I have my tattoo done and there are lots of meanings behind it.
I thought it would be a good idea to draw on myself. I simply used a black pen to draw on my hand. I didn't think too much about the damaging of skin. 
I see my body as a big lively canvas and draw some flowers sketches on it
I was satisfied of my own art work. I think it gives a grunge yet interesting feeling.
P.S I just uploaded the other instrumental blog-post inspired by my new design snare drum, please have a look!

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Joko Drums Outfit

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Last week I finally received my new design snare drum. Before the construction, Johnny, the founder of Joko Drums and a good friend of mine, he asked me what kind of wood would I like to have for my snare drum. I  choose the apple wood and when I have seen the final finishing,  I immediately fall in love with the wood grain! 
I remembered the first time Johnny brought his two productions to the new years concert. I had the honor to play Bolero on the JOKO snare and I was amazed by its sound. (If you look closer, you can find my name on snare frame.)
Beside the fabulous snare, the bag protects the snare drum in the most effective way and its delicate look adorns this look.
I threw this red wine culottes with the v-neck beige blouse and added with elegant yet funky earrings. This look reveals the character of Joko Drum.

Outfit Info
All items are from Taiwanese local stores

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Marimba Mallets Outfit

11/10/2016 Debby Wang 0 Comments

I am glad to receive plenty postive feedbacks from the last outfit-post. Therefore I have decided to write more musical outfits. The last Outfit-post represented the tomboy yet feminine look which was inspired by my practice pad. I was considering to write a post that presents more feminine and elegant look this time. I looked around my apartment and saw my mallets. I immediately pick up my Keiko Abe Mallets and started to dress me up.
To be honest, I have had my Keiko Abe Mallets for a long time and I was always amazed by its pure white mallets head. Beside that, the specialty of this mallet is that you are able to play every dynamics on every marimba plates, even the harder one on the lower tune.
The soft color of culottes goes with the mallets and the black lace top gives a delicate feeling which suits the high heels. The funniest thing is I just realized this look fits to the chair and pillow next to me. 
I am totally in love with this high neck black lace top, especially the lace details shows the sexuality.

Earrings: For Love and Lemons
High neck black lace top: Bershka
Culottes: Taiwan
High heels: Taiwan

Instagram: @debby.debs.w

Hope you will like this lovely look!
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Practice Pad Outfit

11/02/2016 Debby Wang 0 Comments

After the first blog-post I decided to write about my outfit for the second article. I wouldn't say I am a big fan of fashion, but I  do like dressing myself in my best outfit. The specialty of my outfit-post is I encompass the musical element. For instance, this outfit is inspired by my new practice pad which I received two days ago.

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Concert in Bad Reichenhall, Germany

10/31/2016 Debby Wang 0 Comments

Last Friday, 28.10 I and my two collage colleagues were asked for playing with Bad Reichenhall  Philharmonie with the amazing concert programs.  Within five days we have rehearsed a lot and counted countless rest bars. (In this case, it was neccesary to have the concentration during the whole rehearsal due to the switching time signature.)

The atmosphere of rehearsal was surprisingly comfortable. We began to rehearsal punctually which I didn't expect before, since normally it starts 15 minutes later. I guess it is kind of a orchestral culture.
Besides the rehearsal we had the honor to appreciate the amazing view of Bad Reichenhall and the culinary delicacy in the town. 
After the very last rehearsal we took for a walk in the central district and acquired some historical knowledge. 
Men had to wear tuxedo and women had to wear dress at the concert. I was probably the only woman who against the system and wore black pants(I didn't know the dresscode before we arrived). The first set went well, although I dropped one of the bass drum sticks. However, the last-three-solo-bass-drum-fortissimo-beats were pretty nice though.
I haven't played in an orchestra for awhile and I was happily to be asked by my teacher. I would say it was kind of a successful night, therefore I would like to write about this concert for my very first blogpost!

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